Top 3 Best Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinder is an important little gadget that should be very useful for every golfers. It’s one of the best way to make your play on the course much easier and fun. It can provide the estimated yardages to different areas on the course. It can give the distances to targets that are accurate within a few yards. This article will be based on the Best Golf Rangefinders so that you can compare different models to select the best one that will suit your requirements.

There many different manufactures that produce Golf Rangefinder in the market today, but you should select the ideal model. You don’t have to guess anymore that can make you confused. We have reviewed the top 4 Golf Rangefinder products for you. You can simply select the best one by comparing the information provided here. We strongly advice to keep reading this Golf Rangefinder Reviews to know more information.

Bushnell Tour v2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

It’s one of the best-selling and highest rated Golf Rangefinder from Bushnell brand. It’s a useful gadget for indicating the distances at a very accurate measurement as much as possible. It’ll make it easy for you to judge how far the flag is. It can assist you out on the green. It’s legal to use in a tournament play as-well. It’s available in 3 colors that are Pink, Silver and White. It has a Pinseeker target mode technology that will only find the flag and doesn’t capture the background images. It’s one of the ideal Golf Rangefinder Reviews product.

It also contains a 5X Magnification technology to use the zoom feature. It’s one of the most advanced and smallest laser Golf Rangefinder that is available in the market today. It can provide you accuracy and consistency range tracking without the need of reflectors. It has a 3-volt battery that last for a long period of time. It’s an essential tool that you should have if you are a beginner or advanced Golfer. This is a Golf Rangefinder Reviews that will be very useful for you to make decisions.


  • It’s portable and lightweight so that it can be carried from one place to another so easily without adding bulk
  • It’s an user-friendly Golf Rangefinder Reviews Device that can be used by anyone
  • It can easily guess the distance to flag by finding the flag range
  • You doesn’t have to charge the battery every time because it can automatically shuts off if it’s not used
  • It’s allowed to use in a tournament play
  • It comes with a premium carrying case that increase the portability of this Golf Rangefinder
  • The landscapes and distances will be continuously updated on the LCD Display for your convenience


  • The case might have to clipped to a belt to make sure it doesn’t get in the way
  • It might need a pause in order to measure the distances and line it up with the flag


best golf rangefinders

Callaway 8396 X-Hot Golf Rangefinder

The Callaway 8396 is an ideal Golf Rangefinder that has many exciting advantages and features. It can help to find out the accurate measurements on the golf course. It will make it a lot easier to judge the distances to target the flag. It avoids the need of learning the distances each time especially for the beginner golfers. It’s the perfect tool that can make the play more enjoyable and easier. It can be extremely very useful since it reduce the workload of golfers. It’s fog and waterproofed Golf Rangefinder that has excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon. It will help you to find out the distances between the flag and the ball. It’ll also give you the guide to select the right club and know the ball where it needs to go. It can help to measure the distances effortlessly and quickly. It also has a nice design construction that is very attractive and professional. It is one of the ideal Golf Rangefinder Reviews that you can read.


  • You can easily judge the distances by just pointing the rangefinder to measure
  • It’s powered by CR2 Lithium Battery that last for a long period of time without interruption
  • It’s more accurate than the GPS unit and does all the work it needs to do
  • It can find the flag so easily and doesn’t matter what is in the background
  • It’s waterproofed and fog proofed Golf Rangefinder Reviews device that is easy to use
  • It’s an accurate device that will make your investment 100% worth
  • It’s user-friendly machine that is very easy to use


  • It might take time to calculate the measurement and display it on the screen, but the measurement is very accurate and reliable. It is a minor problem regarding this Golf Rangefinder Reviews product.
  • The battery might not last for a long period sometimes, but most of the users felt that it’s good compared with other Golf Rangefinder Reviews Products that are available in the market today.

Golf Buddy World GPS Rangefinder

GolfBuddy World GPS Range Finder is one of the ideal little gadget that you should have if you are a golfer or golf enthusiastic. It’s an ideal alternative for high priced Golf Rangefinder that are available in the market today. However, it’s full of excellent features and advantages that can provide you exceptional performance. You can get the golf course updates so easily by just downloading a free version of GolfBuddy’s own software. It’s very safe and easy to use Golf Rangefinder that can every golfer should have with him.

It has a full function touch screen technology to make the interaction much easier than you expected. It’s preloaded with many courses throughout the worldwide. It’s small and lightweight so that you don’t have to worry about the portability. It’s a quality product from the Golf-Buddy Brand. It also has a high resolution black/white LCD screen interface. This is one of the ideal Golf Rangefinder Reviews that will be very useful for you.


  • It’s almost preloaded with over 35,000 courses throughout the worldwide and has an extended course capacity
  • It has an automatic hole recognition and course identification system that will be very useful for you
  • It has Zoom in and zoom out functions to judge the distances so easily with its Golf Rangefinder Reviews technology
  • It has an rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • You will have the ability to customize different types of targets
  • It has an user-friendly interface that is very easy to use and manage
  • It’s very affordable compared with the other Golf Rangefinder Reviews products


  • You might have to adjust the screen brightness before starting to play the course. You might be not able to change the settings automatically, but still it’s one of the minor drawback of this model.
  • You’ll have to download and install a GolfBuddy’s own software to a computer if you want to get the latest course updates, but it will be easy to setup the software within few clicks.

Flop Higher To Go Lower

Flop Higher To Go Lower

Golf Flop Shot

The chip shot’s basic function is to loft the ball over “uneven” ground and onto the green’s surface. From there, the ball can roll to the hole. Normally, you play this shot with a less-lofted club, which generally works out well.
But sometimes there’s an obstacle between you and the green. To clear the obstacle, you must hit a flop shot (or high chip) with some carry. Otherwise, you’ll end up in the obstacle, costing you strokes. Hitting a short shot with carry is easier said than done sometimes. Hitting the shot I describe below helps you carry most obstacles.
Here are 6 keys to hitting a high chip or flop:
1. Set up to hit the ball high
2. Open your clubface and your stance
3. Trace a swing path parallel to your foot line
4. Slide the clubhead under the ball
5. Let your body unwind through the shot
6. Keep your rhythm nice and smooth
As with many shots, setting up correctly is critical. If you fail to do this, you’ll have a hard time getting the ball in the air. Here are the keys:
• Adopt a slightly wider stance than normal, position your hands over the ball, and distribute your weight evenly.
• Open both your clubface and your stance. This adds some loft to the shot and encourages a slight out-to-in swing, which creates a soft floating ball flight.
• Trace a swing path parallel to your foot line for the first 18 inches on the takeaway. Then hinge your wrists up and allow the clubhead to move inside the line as you complete your backswing.
• Slide the clubhead underneath the ball on the downswing. As you come down imagine trying to slice a sliver of turf from under the ball as you move through impact.
• Continue to unwind your body as you come forward, and rotate your left shoulder out of the way as you come through the hitting zone.
• Keep your rhythm nice and smooth as you make the shot. And don’t be afraid to accelerate through impact. You want to feel as if the clubhead is almost overtaking the ball.
Having the confidence to make a slightly longer swing than normal is the key to successfully hitting a high chip. Going high like this can generate low scores.

Learning Golf Swing the Right Way

Learning Golf Swing the Right Way

Golf Swing

Golf can beat you. Hal Sutton, 1990 Take the case of a Tour player. Went into a severe recession in the early Sutton. It got so bad that he almost lost his playing card.

Instead of doing what most people would do (the more, the more practice the press, to keep plugging away), she took some time off. This is a game-changing decision for Sutton was probably the best of his career.

Sutton away while he was Jackie Burke, a talented golf instructor visits. Jackie Sutton objectively assesses your game and recognize what was wrong with his swing help. They also bring their game back on track provided Sutton with some new ideas.

Paid trip. Sutton found his game again, and the players a bunch of tournaments, including the championship in 2000, went on to win.

Weekend golfers always turn to when his game goes south do not have a Jackie Burke. They often do they have resources like this newsletter, and what to do with me. To help golfers in this predicament, I have provided six game-changing, self-diagnostics golf tips below can help you get back on track and lower your golf handicap:

1) distance to achieve fast swing: You lost some distance off the tee, so it is as old as you may have lost some flexibility or strength. Ramping up your swing speed will help you to regain lost distance. A practice that has to do with your driver hit 30 shots is hard as you can. Do not worry about where they go. Just try to hit the shot at the center of the clubface.

Distance off the tee with a weighted club is another way to gain 2) use a weighted club to gain strength. They have been around for years. But with the advent of lighter and lighter clubs, we have turned away from using them. A weighted club, your arms, forearms, and wrists can help to strengthen. Take a day 20 or 30 swings. Just make sure that you copy it and slowly swing your golf swing to compensate for the additional weight not make thinly.

3) Get help for a leg if you are slumping due because you are shaking, you are in deep trouble. Shank effect on your psyche because it is the worst of all the shots. Spanking can completely obliterate your confidence. Stop trying to figure it out on your own. Take some golf lessons. You will be happy. Help to get back on the right track, a teaching pro, to your unique needs and can tailor prescription.

4) Examine your put your eye to the right: you are missing that vital five-footer, then your eyes may be at fault. Your eye alignment may cause a subtle change. Check the address that your eyes are parallel to the goal line and play ball or just inside the line are direct. Correct eye alignment changes you aim more accurately and better helps clubface square. Within no time, you’ll see more and more putts drop.

5) Learn to play around injuries: Golfers rarely around, where they do not suffer minor injuries to play. We everyday bumps and bruises now and then, we all are prone to talking about things like. You constantly want to go short, you must learn to play around with these injuries. Of course, if the injury is serious, stop playing and see a doctor.

6) is the exact opposite: a Tour player recently with his chipping game went into a deep recession. Unfortunately, minor adjustments to his swing and he could not overcome this problem. During the off-season, he was trying to do the exact opposite of what he practiced. For this effort to help him get back to your chipping game. Well, here he went to the extreme. But sometimes it can work.

These six tips can help change the game of golf when his game goes south to get back on track. They also can help you cut strokes off your handicap and be less frequent. Last game-changing golf tip: after you return to golf is a very long interval, expect a whole new reality. Equipment and even the course of time, a lot can change in a small amount. Know, and you will minimize your infection to some extent, and help themselves to less than ever before.